Installs Microsoft's Message Queueing system/feature.


Install-Msmq [-HttpSupport] [-ActiveDirectoryIntegration] [-Dtc] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


Microsoft's MSMQ is not installed by default. It has to be turned on manually. This function will enable the MSMQ feature. There are two sub-features: Active Directory integration and HTTP support. These can also be enabled by setting the ActiveDirectoryIntegration and HttpSupport switches, respectively. If MSMQ will be working with queues on other machines, you'll need to enable DTC (the Distributed Transaction Coordinator) by passing the DTC switch.

This function uses Microsoft's feature management command line utilities: ocsetup.exe or servermanagercmd.exe. A word of warning, however. In our experience, these tools do not seem to work as advertised. They are very slow, and, at least with MSMQ, we have intermittent errors installing it on our developer's Windows 7 computers. We strongly recommend you install MSMQ manually on a base VM or computer image so that it's a standard part of your installation. If that isn't possible in your environment, good luck! let us know how it goes.

If you know better ways of installing MSMQ or other Windows features, or can help us figure out why Microsoft's command line installation tools don't work consistently, we would appreciate it.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
HttpSupport SwitchParameter

Enable HTTP Support

false false False
ActiveDirectoryIntegration SwitchParameter

Enable Active Directory Integrations

false false False
Dtc SwitchParameter

Will MSMQ be participating in external, distributed transactions? I.e. will it be sending messages to queues on other machines?

false false False
WhatIf SwitchParameter false false
Confirm SwitchParameter false false
CommonParameters This cmdlet supports common parameters. For more information type
Get-Help about_CommonParameters.



Installs MSMQ on this meachine. In our experience, this may or may not work. You'll want to check that the MSMQ service exists and is running after this. Please help us make this better!


Install-Msmq -HttpSupport -ActiveDirectoryIntegration -Dtc

Installs MSMQ with the HTTP support and Active Directory sub-features. Enables and starts the Distributed Transaction Coordinator.