Creates a share, replacing any existing share with the same name.


Install-Share [-Name] <String> [-Path] <String> [[-Description] <String>] [[-Permissions] <String[]>] [<CommonParameters>]


Creates a new Windows SMB share, or replaces an existing share with the same name. Optionally grants permissions on that share. Unfortunately, there isn't a way in Carbon to set permissions on a share after it is created. Send us the code!

Permissions don't apply to the file system. They only apply to the share. Use Grant-Permissions to grant file system permissions.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Name String The share's name. true false
Path String The path to the share. true false
Description String A description of the share false false
Permissions String[] The share's permissions. Each item should be of the form: user,[READ | CHANGE | FULL] false false


Install-Share -Name TopSecretDocuments -Path C:\TopSecret -Description 'Share for our top secret documents.' -Permissions "Everyone,Read","Analysts,FULL"

Shares the C:\TopSecret directory as TopSecretDocuments and grants Everyone read access and Analysts full control.