Installs software from an MSI file.


Install-Msi [-Path] <String[]> [-Quiet] [-Force] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


Install-Msi installs software from an MSI file. If the install fails, it writes an error. Installation is always done in quiet mode, i.e. you won't see any UI.

In Carbon 1.9 and earlier, this function was called Invoke-WindowsInstaller.

Beginning with Carbon 2.0, Install-Msi only runs the MSI if the software isn't installed. Use the -Force switch to always run the installer.


Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Path String[]

The path to the installer to run. Wildcards supported.

true true (ByValue, ByPropertyName)
Quiet SwitchParameter

OBSOLETE. Installers are run in quiet mode by default. This switch will be removed in a future major version of Carbon.

false false False
Force SwitchParameter

Install the MSI even if it has already been installed. Will cause a repair/reinstall to run.

false false False
WhatIf SwitchParameter false false
Confirm SwitchParameter false false
CommonParameters This cmdlet supports common parameters. For more information type
Get-Help about_CommonParameters.


Install-Msi -Path Path\to\installer.msi

Runs installer.msi, and waits untils for the installer to finish. If the installer has a UI, it is shown to the user.


Get-ChildItem *.msi | Install-Msi

Demonstrates how to pipe MSI files into Install-Msi for installation.