Revokes all a principal's permission to an HTTP URL.


Revoke-HttpUrlPermission [-Url] <String> [-Principal] <String> [<CommonParameters>]


The Revoke-HttpUrlAclPermission functions uses the HTTP Server API to revoke user/groups permissions to an HTTP URL.

The HTTP Server API

enables applications to communicate over HTTP without using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Applications can register to receive HTTP requests for particular URLs, receive HTTP requests, and send HTTP responses.

An application that uses the HTTP Server API must register all URLs it listens (i.e. binds, registers) to. This function removes all permissions to a URL for a specific user or group. If a user or group doesn't have permission, this function does nothing.

If you want to change a user's permissions, use Grant-HttpUrlPermission instead.

This command replaces the netsh http delete urlacl command.

Revoke-HttpUrlAclPermission was introduced in Carbon 2.1.0.

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Name Type Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Url String

The URL.

true false
Principal String

The user receiving the permission.

true false


Revoke-HttpUrlAclPermission -Url 'http://+:4833' -Principal 'FALCON\HSolo'

Demonstrates how to revoke all a user's permissions to an HTTP URL. In this case Captain Solo will no longer be able to listen to URL http://+:4833.