Describes changes included in Carbon 2.0.


Carbon version 2.0 is a huge release, with lots of new enhancements. We hope you like them. Carbon 2.0 now requires PowerShell 4, so it is not backwards-compatabile with Carbon 1.x. Because of this, we made some additional backwards-incompatible changes. See the Upgrade Instructions section for things to look out for.

If you're upgrading from a previous 2.0 alpha release, you'll want to review the changes since your alpha version (found after the Upgrade Instructions section). We improved backwards-compatability with Carbon 1.x since the last alpha release, but that broke compatability with the alphas.

Upgrade Instructions

Make sure you're running PowerShell 4.

Install-Certificate's parameters have changed:

Some functions now return different objects and/or the objects returned have changed:

The Carbon assembly was re-organized. If you were reaching into Carbon.dll (NOT RECOMMENDED), you'll want to:

The following commands no longer return the stdout output from the console applications each one calls. To see the old output, use the -Verbose switch. Remove any usage of the output you were processing.

The following functions' internal behavior has changed. This may or may not impact you.

We've added parameter validation to some functions. This shouldn't impact anybody, since if you were passing data that breaks this new validation, the function wouldn't have worked even in previous versions of Carbon.

Bug Fixes

General Ehancements

New Functions

New Dsc Resources

Added Passthru Parameters

Added a PassThru switch to the following functions, which will return objects of the given type:

No More Console Output

The following functions no longer return the console output of the program each one runs. Instead, the output is written to the verbose stream (i.e. use the -Verbose switch to see it).

Obsolete Functions And Parameters

The following functions are now obsolete. Please don't use them and stop using them if you are. They will be removed from a future major version of Carbon. You'll get warnings if you use them.

The following functions now have obsolete parameters, which will be removed from a future major version of Carbon. You'll get warnings if you use them.

Renamed Functions

The following functions were renamed, but with backwards-compatible aliases in place, so you shouldn't have to change any code.

Switch To System.Directoryservices.Accountmanagement Api For User/Group Management

The following functions were re-written to use the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement API, introduced in .NET 3.5.

Miscellaneous Changes